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Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager provides the ability to manage and track information and content contained within and accessible by WES. It is used to display a Common Operating Picture (COP) and creating situational views.

Portfolio Manager provides users and analysts a comprehensive incident management system with the ability to manage and track information and content contained within, and accessible by, WES. It is ideally suited for displaying and managing a Common Operating Picture (COP) and creating situational views that organize and visualize content from disparate data sources and applications for a particular area of interest or topic.

Diagram of Portfolio Manager:

WES Portfolio Manager Diagram
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The Portfolio Manager is composed of the following:


An OGC Context Document is utilized for specifying the area of interest and the map layers and backdrop maps.


An event monitoring tool provides users with feedback on how any given portfolio is being utilized and updated/modified.


Any results discovered through the WES search interfaces can be added to a portfolio as supplemental information. These include references to satellite images, reports, targets, motion video, etc.


Any search agents that have been created by users/analysts can be associated with a portfolio. As soon as information arrives, users can be notified, as well as any searches/orders that were being performed in the background on behalf of a user.

RSS Feeds

Association of any RSS feeds relevant to a particular portfolio of interest.


Users and analysts can upload files and content to a portfolio. There are no restrictions on the formats of files, and most popular formats such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint are indexed automatically. The files are stored in WES Collections so that other users can locate and utilize this information using the WES search techniques.

Registry Services/Objects

Any object contained in the OGC-based service registry may be associated with a portfolio. If the object is geospatial in nature, such as an OGC WMS or OGC Web Sensor Service, it is interactively placed on the interactive Web mapping client. Using this method, analysts can create very powerful situational awareness views that would not only contain backdrop data, but real time sensors such as moving objects and environmental observations.

Portfolio Service

This SOAP-based service provides another service endpoint in the SOA that provides third-party applications and interfaces with the ability to obtain information on WES Portfolios. Applications can request that the XML response describing a portfolio be presented in KML format for direct import to Google Maps or Google Earth.

WES Portfolio is a component of Compusults Web Enterprise Suite; a set of Internet-based applications and toolkits that support Web mapping, information cataloging, discovery, retrieval and delivery services.

WES Portfolio is also a contributor to the Open Geospatial Consortium Catalogue Services Interoperability initiative.