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Access Manager

Access Manager
Access Manager is used for receiving, archiving, cataloging, maintaining and disseminating data holdings over intranets and wide area networks such as the Internet.


The data warehouse component of Web Enterprise Suite. It is especially suited to the needs of organizations for receiving, archiving, cataloguing, maintaining and disseminating data holdings over intranets and wide area networks such as the Internet. The application is composed of a set of tightly integrated modules that provide organizations with the ability to catalogue and organize data and data product holdings, and provides users with the ability to access, analyze, organize and share/distribute information and content.

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  • Discovery Metadata Catalogue (DMC) - The DMC is a database within WES that contains metadata records about information and content. For example, an inventory of satellite image metadata records. There are no restrictions to the attribute types and formats stored in the database. Metadata records contained within the DMC may be harvested from external systems or the DMC may utilize an existing database structure.

    When the DMC utilizes an existing database structure, in essence it will “reverse engineer” the database structure for usage within the system. The system also provides the ability to support common naming conventions that are portrayed to the user, regardless of the naming conventions used in the originating/legacy system.

    Harvest Module - The Harvest Module is used to cache data and metadata into the DMC database. The WES Administration module is used to determine the type of data source/system, the schedule and the frequency. There are many legacy/heritage systems that come supported.


  • WES Ingest - The Ingest module is utilized to import information and content into the WES Archive. This module has the ability to harvest metadata from external systems and acts as a “listener” for the arrival of information and content to directories and/or systems.

  • WES Search - This module will search the WES DMC and/or external/disparate systems on behalf of a user. These are available as SOAP/WSDL, OGC WFS and REST-based interfaces.
  • WES Order - The order module provides WES with the ability to order data/content within the WES Archive or within external/disparate systems.

  • DeliverD - This module will deliver data/content within the WES Archive as specified within the order.

  • WES Archive - The WES Archive is used to archive data and content within the WES infrastructure. WES archive can be co-located on the same system as WES or be distributed to different storage systems.

Access Manager contains the following options:

  • Site configuration and management for the portal and SOA environment.
  • Classification information categories and coding.
  • Collection management and configuration.
  • OGC map access and configuration.
  • Service health checker monitoring and notification.
  • Admiralty Total Tides integration and analysis.
  • Broadcast notifications and announcements.
  • System level logging and monitoring.
  • User profile access and management.
  • Configuration of data discovery and metadata catalogue data access.
  • Data source (Legacy/Heritage) systems connections.
  • Flat file ingestion for loading data and databases into the system.
  • WES reporting including auditing, catalogue, usage statistics, harvest status, etc.

Access Manager is a component of Compusult’s Web Enterprise Suite; a set of Internet-based applications and toolkits that support Web mapping, information cataloging, discovery, retrieval and delivery services.

Access Manager is also a contributor to the Open Geospatial Consortium Catalogue Services Interoperability initiative.